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Cote de Boeuf on the Fire/BBQ

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700g - 1.2kg ribeye on the bone

1 tbsp veg oil (a good glug)

Table salt

4 tbsp Brown butter


How to…

  1. Make sure you remove the meat from the fridge a good few hours before you want to cook to return it to room temperature.
  2. Light the BBQ and get the coals working down to a nice ember. (normally an hour or so before you want to start).
  3. Prep the meat by massaging with the oil and the salt
  4. Sear just above the heat to get a golden brown char on the meat – you can do this on griddle, pan or even directly on the coals. Roughly 3-5 mins per side depending your coals.
  5. Move the meat to an indirect heat. At this stage you are trying to raise the inside of the meat 55-60C. This is a slow and gentle process, rather like if cooking inside you would have popped it in the oven at a low heat after the initial sear. You ideally want it raised higher above the initial flame or if not possible, just out to the side where the coals are not so hot. We call this the hot bath analogy - imagine you are just soaking the meat in warmth to cook it to the core but nothing extreme as this will toughen the meat. 
  6. You want to leave it there for around 20-40mins, depending how you like your meat cooked. You can test how well done it is by giving it a poke with your finger and seeing how firm the meat is (the firmer the meat the more well done it is). If you have a temp probe that will work well too, aim for 55-60C for Med-rare steak.
  7. When happy with it, remove and rest until ready to serve. Carve the meat around the bone and slice into 7 or 8 mini steaks about 12mm wide.
  8. If the steak is not cooked enough to your liking, give it a further flash over the heat and seal each side of the “mini steaks”.
  9. Drizzle the warm brown butter over the top followed by a sprinkle of sea salt.