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Haggis is a classic Scottish dish traditionally made with sheep offal, mixed with suet, oatmeal and seasoning. The original process was to stuff it all inside an animals stomach and boil. Today synthetic bags are used more commonly. At Mac & Wild, we make our own Venison and Lamb based haggis which is super high in nutritional content, flavour and extremely flexible in its uses.

The business was started and is still run by Calum Mackinnon and Andy Waugh. Both come from the North of Scotland. Calum’s background was in hospitality in Edinburgh and Aberdeen where he owned bars and restaurants. Andy is the son of a Game Butcher from the Highlands. He started out his career setting up a successful street trading Game Butchery and Events business called Wild Game Co. before teaming up with Calum to start Mac & Wild.

We have 2 restaurants in London. One on Great Titchfield Street in Fitzrovia and another much bigger one at Devonshire Square in the City, right by Liverpool Street Station.

We also have an experiential adventure base up in the Scottish Highlands at Falls of Shin. We offer a range of adventure accommodation options plus wild outdoor dining from here.

Please visit our booking page, email or call 020 7637 0510 to make a reservation

Pre Covid-19 we were offering delivery through Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Ritual and City Pantry. For now we are closed to delivery unfortunately.

Not exactly although it was started by the founders of Mac & Wild. They are separate companies though – just with a very similar ethos and inspiration!

The original Smoky Barrels is located in beneath our City Mac & Wild so makes for a great pre or post dinner entertainment. We are very happy to handle your booking as one entity.

Yes we do! It’s how we started out in fact – see our Events section of the website.

Yes. We work with specialist partners in Scotland for the Butcher that are separate to the fulfilment of our Kits and Cocktails. Please expect items in separate deliveries, hence the individual delivery fees.

Feel free to email us personally at or


We work with a brilliant partner Butcher in the Scottish Highlands and source all meats from local farms and producers we have known and trust for many years and generations.

Not yet! 

Yes – please place your order pre 2pm on a Tuesday and you should receive it by Friday. Please note, the impacts of COVID-19 are naturally causing some delays to things. Bank Holidays may also impact the normal running. Please visit our delivery commitment page for more info.

Unfortunately as all our meat comes from the Scottish Highlands, we cannot offer this service currently.


The majority of our cocktail range are as simple as chill in the fridge then “pour and go”. With the exception of the Dundee Sour and the Forth Bridge which just require shaken with a little bit of lemon juice. The instructions are on the back of the bottle.

Our cocktails are all made in Scotland's capital, Edinburgh!

Our cocktails are the mastermind of Luke Leiper. He’s a magician with flavours and natural ingredients. Think Walt from Breaking Bad!

We do not use any preservatives or colourings in our cocktails as they are all naturally self- preserving due to the ABV %. Some of the ingredients like vermouth have trace amounts of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) as this is part of the wine making process but not enough that is declarable once mixed (over 10mg).

Nope. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

As they are self-preserving and all over 16% ABV they don’t have a shelf life. Even once opened they will last a good while. There may be a slight change of flavour due to oxidisation but they won’t go off!

We're afraid not. It's something we are working on.