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“Being the son of a game butcher, I grew up eating wild venison because it was the only meat my family could afford – which sounds like an oxymoron but it was and still is cheaper than beef. When we ate other meat and seafood (beef, lamb, pork, langoustine etc.) it was a real treat. We swapped produce with local farmers and fishermen who would tell us what breed it was, when it was killed or where he caught it - and they would always tell us the best way to cook it was. The supplier knows best!

This is the same ethos that we have at Mac & Wild. We name the suppliers because we love what they do and believe that their work is what makes our food special. We cook our meat simply and let the produce do the talking.

Our suppliers are chosen because they are the best at what they do. However, great produce is only half the battle. There are lots of great suppliers, especially in Scotland, but the guys we work with have that little extra spark of energy and passion that we bounce off. Our suppliers are at the forefront of a progressive Scotland and take great care to look after every step of the journey which is why we name them on the menu - they are proud of their produce as we are of them.” Andy Waugh, Co-Founder.