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Extreme Traceability

An approach to meat that starts truly at the source. Mac & Wild's primary meat supplier is Ardgay Game, the game butchery business owned and run by Andy Ruaridh, Mac & Wild co-founder's brother and father, in the Highlands. Ardgay Game and life growing up in such a remote location (20 miles north of Inverness) was the real impetus for launching Mac & Wild.

It's not simply about the flavour and taste of what is on our plates. We firmly believe that growing up intimately connected to the process of rearing and caring for the animals we ultimately consume is what sets our meat apart. We like to think of ourselves as advocates for those looking to eat better meat.

We are proud to be able to tell you the hunter, farmer or butcher who helped put your meal on the table. And what's more, the methods and practices they live by day to day. 

Blessed with a relative abundance of space, lower than average population density and a strong commitment to maintaining the craft of small scale or even wild meat production, our job, sourcing great meats has been made significantly simpler. At Mac & Wild we firmly believe in sourcing meats from farms or producers who demonstrate the highest of welfare and environmental standards. We work with partners who share our philosophy that natural and wild is almost always best. It varies from meat to meat and supplier to supplier, but this almost always boils down to small scale farms or producers who care passionately about the animals they rear or hunt and the environmental impact of what they do.

There's more to amazing food than where it came from, but it's a good place to start.

Suppliers with Integrity

Great tasting meat comes down to great produce. And great produce comes down to working with great suppliers. Suppliers committed to rearing animals in a healthy, respectful way in as close to natural environment as possible. At Mac & Wild we are so proud to have built relationships with a small range of Scottish butchers, farmers, hunters and small scale producers slowly over 2 family generations. We work with these partners because we trust and respect the way they do things. Much of what they have in common boils down to time, space and respect. Allowing the animals the time to mature at a natural pace with sufficient space to live a happy and healthy life and ultimately, being small scale, a deep level of respect for the animal.

We owe the greatest thanks to these small passionate producers and their constant commitment to helping us serve and deliver the highest quality Scottish meats to you our Mac & Wild community.

Some of our partners are the same for the Butcher and the restaurants depending on logistics. But rest assured, they are all part of the Mac & Wild family and all share our expectations and standards when it comes to meat quality and ethics.

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