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The Good Meat Burger (a simple start to the art of Burger craft)

This is an adapted burger that we took to National Burger Day 2018 – back then it was known as the Oo-oo Moo-moo.

The idea behind all our burgers is to let the ingredients do the talking. This is the first in a series of our favourite burger recipes we will be posting to enjoy at home.


Step 1. Prepare your Ingredients

1-2tbs x brown butter mayo (see below for how to)

1 x burger bun

10g x Mac + Wild RedJon Ketchup – available from the Online Butcher

5g x French’s mustard

5 x sliced dill pickles

½ x shallot thinly sliced length ways (julienne)

2 x slices burger cheese

90g x venison burger

90g x beef burger

(we recommend making your own burgers with pure venison and beef mince – nothing else needed when the meat is of very high standard and flavour. You can purchase the finest Scottish Wild Venison mince and highest welfare beef mince from our Online Butcher, delivered direct to your door).


Make your brown butter mayo

125g x butter unsalted

150ml x mayonnaise (shop bought or homemade)

Add the butter to a small saucepan and place over a high heat.

When the butter has fully melted and the fats split, turn the heat to low and leave to caramelise for 15-20mins until it has a deep nutty aroma.

Leave to cool to room temp and pass through a fine sieve. Little by little mix the butter through the mayo and you are done. If the mayo begins to split, just add a little more mayo to the mix and keep the remainder of the brown butter for a later date.


Step 2. Prepare the bun

Slice the bun in half and toast on each side.

On the bottom half, spoon over the Red Jon Ketchup topped with a drizzle of French’s.

Top with your pickles followed by the shallots and 1tbs of brown butter mayo.

Step 3. Cooking the burgers

Place the patties into a frying pan over a high heat with a drizzle of oil.

Season both patties and leave to sear for 60-90secs until a nice caramelisation of the meat. Flip each burger and top them with a  slice of cheese and cook for a further 60 secs.

Step 4. Assembly

Stack the burgers and top with the lid – leave sizzling in the pan.

Very carefully, add 35mls of water to the frying pan, closh with a pan lid. Allow the cheese to melt and the bun to steam for 20secs. Now slide the patties and burger top from the pan and add to the burger base patiently waiting.

Step 5. Enjoy